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One eveninf over a game of bridge, I asked one player, a midwife if she had witnessed any unusual outcomes in the vaxxed women when she recently delivered babies. She answered very quickly and clearly “no”. I could not understand her response after reading articles of poor outcomes in childbirth for mum and baby recently. A few weeks later, after a trip to Australia, this same person coughed her way through our bridge game. When I asked her if she was unwell, she said “no”. When I asked her if there were many covid cases in Australia while she was there, again she answered “no”. Well guess what…a week later she wasn’t at bridge because she had covid. Cognitive dissonance seriously at work here.

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Alex “I Only Write The Truth” Berenson doesn’t seem to see any problems and says it is a bright spot …

“But we now have more than a year of detailed pregnancy data, and not just from the professional whitewashers at the Centers for Disease Control. And the numbers are among the few bright spots about mRNA shot safety. A huge British dataset shows no extra fetal deaths or severely low birthrates in women who received the shots - if anything, the numbers lean slightly in favor of the vaccines. Norway and Israel have had similar findings.“


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So most of us on substack understand how many harms are coming from the covid shots. I ran across this link today...


... and was wondering if you could shed light on it and how they can get away with saying that pregnant women are 15% LESS likely to have a still born? This next link is the study they provide to "prove their point", and as much as I'm in full on learning mode of the medical jargin language, studies and all, it's a little bit of a challange to be able to effective review that study and article.


It's obviously not true since I've sooooo much evidence to the contrary, but can you or someone more qualified than me comment? Thank you for your work :)

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When you use only 42 rats without any observation of the offspring. Then claim “safe and effective,” for pregnant women and their offspring, you should be sued. I’m more for suing and seeing these doctors resign, licenses forfeited and never practice medicine again, I’m good with that.

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Thank you for your work Colleen.

I wonder if this information in the suppressed psyche is part of probable Roe overturn?

I think that might be the only remaining significant thing I am "left" leaning about, though there must be more.

In the same way we should NOT be getting hacksxxxines I feel women must be able to choose abortion in demand freely and safely. Hopefully with the agreement of the father when appropriate, but not always in actual reality. it must always be a woman's right to choose . No one gets one as a pleasurable experience, the reality sadly lost in the theoreticals.

Now that we've started world war 3,

We'll need to have all the babies we can....

And I wish and hope and pray they'll end these hacksxxxines

There are many articles I'd read but for the paywall of China epoch

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There was a day during the peak of the vaccine roll out when 18 babies were still born at the Lions Gate hospital in Vancouver Canada. This was in the summer of 2021. One doctor blew the whistle and promptly was maligned and called a liar. I have been waiting for something to come out about this. Have you or anyone reading heard of this?

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I am confused. When I downloaded the pdfs, it says these are adverse reports from the Yellow Card system? Is that right? Then there really wouldn't be a healthy pregnancy comparator, because these are only voluntary reports, probably made because something bad happened. If nothing bad happened, they wouldn't really report, would they? Then, amongst people reporting adverse events, pregnancy outcomes were extremely poor. It would be unknown how things look for those who didn't decide to make a report, whether because they didn't think to do it, or didn't think any bad event was related, or didn't have a bad event to report. Did I get this wrong?

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Attacking reproductive organs fits in with theory they want Georgia Guidestones.

Rise of transgender etc... also.

Drag queens reading to 1st graders?

They freaken hate us

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These monsters knew about all these possible outcomes and could care less. Someday there will be a huge battle against these Lizard people---putting it off is only going to cause more unnecessary death.

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Thanks for this info. More on this topic welcome, and best of luck on the book. Slightly OT, the new Van Morrison LP, What's It Gonna Take? will be out soon. I have an essay about it's first song, "Pretending," over at PostModernConservative. https://pomocon.substack.com/p/carls-rock-songbook-no-128-van-morrison?s=w

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