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This law as written doesn’t seem to have any provision regarding masking.

I am also concerned that the only section of the bill that included an enforcement mechanism is the one pertaining to employers. Landlords, doctors, and insurers are not subject to any penalties or enforcement mechanisms; the law is toothless.

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Hope springs eternal? Thank you Colleen!

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Thank you for sharing, Colleen, cheers to this act of Freedom.

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Everything that is done by a state or federal puppitician regarding "a pandemic" is political and is based on all the propaganda we the people were and are fed by politically owned entities such as the FDA, CDC, NIH, NIAID and WHO regarding the most recent "pandemic", that is the only one experienced since the Middle Ages.

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Funny, he passed a bill last year granting himself power to do the exact opposite - to forcibly detain and use any medical countermeasures deemed necessary for whatever conjured up "emergency" may occur.

It essentially meant they could hold you down and force vaccinate you.

I also recall seeing his name come up within the last couple weeks for passing another very questionable bill.

I say all of this, as a Floridian. And I like DeSantis, but I do not like politicians. Or government. I have not consented to any of this, nor have I entered into a contract with any of these people. Therefore, unless I consent or enter into a contract, I still have FULL autonomy over my body- which is MY property, not theirs - and decisions that impact MY life, safety, and other belongings.

There is nothing that can obligate me to participate otherwise. The sooner everyone realizes this, the sooner they will realize none of these arbitrary "bills" matter - good or bad. We have the freedom over ourselves. We do not need to ask permission or be granted permission. From anyone. Ever.

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My problem with stuff like this is that, even though I’m glad people are pushing back, it seems to me that we supposedly already had all these rights, so this still doesn’t feel like progress to me. Instead, why can’t we insist that our existing legal rights are not violated?

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Dr. Robert W. Malone

Dr. Jill Glasspool Malone

c/o The Malone Institute

Dear Robert,

You have done everything right. To this point. Everything. You have been kind in your love for others. Not brutal, as in my love for you.

I never have, and never will speak for you. Only to you:

Drop this vaccine platform nonsense. Immediately.

It cannot, nor will it ever be, “of your doing”.

It’s “undoing” however, is yours to lead and to achieve.

You are the last man standing with nothing but turtles upon your head.

You are not without compass. Listen for your Mother’s voice. You will hear it in the wind when you are headed in the right direction. It is always there.

Vaccines can, and very well may, have a lasting importance for the uniquely vulnerable: Those whose own natural immunity has been, itself, compromised. But not like this. We have to test the tests. We have to grade the tests. Before their data points can be plotted underneath the curve of Natural Immunity.

Turn around. And look down at the broken shoulders of those you have been forced to stand upon. Those that despise you; those that despise criticism; and those that hate themselves more than they could ever hate you. They suffer from Mass Formation Neurosis:


They envy you. You that are able to do what they themselves cannot.

It is in every cry and every whimper of theirs. Easily recognized within their every utterance:

“We’re concerned”. Damn right they are.

Put your full weight upon those broken shoulders:

Expose what they don’t know. What they have never known. And consequently the inevitable mistakes that they have made.

The Greatest Reset. It is time for you to go back and expose every false malevolent assumption that has ever been made in your field. Every assumption, upon assumption, upon assumption. Because, and here’s the thing, at every point, at every node, at every decision that was made by assumption, was a scientist that didn’t know what to do next. They didn’t. If they did they would not of had to make assumptions. At each decision node they had available to them other choices, other known choices available to them. Tell us what they did at each of those junctures. The choices that were made are the dots connecting motive with outcome. Similarly, and even more germane: The choices not made are evidence of malfeasance, and in a court of law, criminality.

The errors. Their errors. Are in the choices not made.

Doubt me? They wrote it all down. It’s right in front of us. In front of us all. You, me, the barber down the street.

Bring it home. Bring it home for us.

WEF: They are followers. Rubber for brains. Let them follow themselves in a self-annihilating concentric circle. Leave them to lead only those that don’t matter. People that don’t matter - to themselves. Money can own lies. Surely. Certainly, But it is the truth that will bankrupt them.

Your truth. Our truth. The truth of what they have done. The truth that you must expose. With a vengeance.

Resistance Within The Resistance: Never you mind. No one is wrong. No one that is doing the work is wrong. The mistakes that continue to be made concerning this full-on assault against us are too colossal to at all times comprehend. That’s why others have been screaming at you, even when they can’t explain why. You and I are no different as people. We are of them.

5GW: We get it. We all get it. There is no there … there. Because it’s everywhere. Okay. Institutions that have gutted themselves, of actual virtue: They lie, they smear, and they obfuscate because they are not of our equal.

Big screens, little screens, the Jumbotron. Worthless. We beat them with pencil and paper. Each word carefully articulated. Thanks be to Jill.

They all forgot about one thing. These plastic geniuses. People still talk to one another. People of integrity, and of dignity, that form communities. Everywhere. Each one a walking-talking Gutenberg Press. There are more people -people everywhere - listening and talking with one another than will ever listen to these cretins again. They’re done. They just don’t realize it yet. And that’s to our advantage. They are each, constituted of their own lies, which they themselves have come to believe. It’s what’s killing them. Let it.

If you think you have to write it down. Do it. Do it quickly. It’s time to move.

Go see Del. He’s waiting for you. Go see Del. Alone. And sit under that Big Tree with him. We will gather the horses; the tack; everything that you need. We will be joining Mikki Willis and Company. They are two days ahead of us.

Go see Del. And you know why:

That man doesn’t need a saddle.

And he always rides ahead.

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