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The Defeat Of COVID has been described as “the book that Dr. Fauci should have written.” — Daniel Horowitz of The Blaze. It has also been called the roadmap out of the COVID era and a turning point from disaster to strategy. Since the book’s publication, more and more of these productive turning points are appearing in the US and around the world, as COVID grows long in the tooth.

There are successful measures against COVID, some at very low cost and no risk.

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Humanity is challenged to transcend enslavement to, and traumatic fear of, microbes. COVID is the crucible. As we have learned to defeat SARS-CoV-2, we have learned broadly applicable strategies to defeat other microbes.


Author, Neither Safe Nor Effective, The Evidence Against the COVID Vaccines, The Defeat Of COVID, Manifesto for a Cancer Patient, and Choose Your Foods Like Your Life Depends On Them, all on Amazon.